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What’s my age again?

This will most likely be my last post as a 21 year old (unless I get some crazy inspiration in the next 24 hours and NEED to blog about it). It’s crazy to think that I will be 22. When I was young, it seemed so old. Now, I’m feeling like it’s the perfect age.

21 has been a rough year. It’s been the hardest year of my life, actually. It’s also been the year that I have grown the most and learned the most about myself. A year ago, I was just starting my internship and waitressing. I was still reeling from the experience that was living in England. 

During 21, I have graduated college(HOLY CRAP), moved out, got a puppy of my very own (!!), went through a miserable break up, and learned how strong I actually am.

Lately, I have been telling everyone that I can’t wait for 21 to be over. It was a hard year and I’m having high hopes that 22 will be better…it isn’t easy to be much worse, honestly. But, I wouldn’t have traded this year for anything. I know myself so much better now. I know that I can handle anything even when it seems impossible. 21 had some really great moments. I met people vastly different from myself, and even learned to enjoy having fun. I’ve stopped taking myself quite so seriously, and, though I didn’t want to, have stopped relying on my “plans”. 

I don’t like to make resolutions or hopes for the year (but 2 is my favorite number, so this year better be doubly lucky!). All I want is to be happy. Hopefully, I can work towards my career path more than I have been. I’d love to travel more. But, honestly, all I hope for 22 is to keep growing, and keep learning about myself.


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Focusing on…me?

September is my birthday month. Honestly, I love the fall and everything that comes with it. But, September is by far the best because it has my birthday. This past year has been full of ups and downs (mostly downs, but who’s counting?), growing up, and learning about myself. So, I made a pact with another September birthday friend to do something nice for myself every day of the month. 

But I have a problem. I don’t know what to do for myself. Sure, I watch my favorite show or indulge in sweets. I suppose that could be something nice for myself. But, I was thinking taking time to focus on my writing, or reading one of the books that are piled on top of my bookshelf. I haven’t been very good at  this whole putting-myself-first thing. 

I love birthdays. I make such a big deal of everyone else’s, so why is it so hard for me to make a big deal of mine? True, being the center of attention scares the living daylights out of me. True, I’ve always put others first. But, also true, I am getting older, and who doesn’t want to be celebrated sometimes. 

I am so eager to start a new year of my life. I have grown so much in the past few months, and believe it or not, have started focusing on myself a lot more. I guess I just need to work on spoiling myself more. It’s a start, though.

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Living Life Crazy Loud

As this post’s title states, I am living life crazy loud. It’s a quote I stole from a song, but it has resonated with me lately. For most of my life I have played it safe. I don’t do “crazy” or “loud” for that matter. I like, no, I LOVE rules. I make plans for fun. I highly doubt people would describe me as crazy, but why should that stop me from living crazy? Take a walk on the wild side, do something unexpected. Although, here I am blogging about being crazy.

As for the loud part, I am only loud in certain circumstances, usually involving my family, close friends, and/or alcohol.

As much rambling and nonsense this post is, I do have a point (I think). I do live crazy loud. My clothing is bright and my accessories around the apartment rarely match and vibrate color. My favorite color is yellow, which is the craziest and loudest color obviously.

Maybe my point is that I need to take more chances. Maybe I need to live life crazy loud, isn’t that what it’s all about, anyway?

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