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So, the last time I updated I was in England. Geez, it’s been a while. I have been home for 2 months now (crazy!!!) and a lot has happened. I’m going to try to sum up my experiences since I last wrote, but I have a feeling I might miss a little. Ok let’s see how this goes…

I went to Sicily with my amazing friends Felicia and Jordan. We had the time of our lives (even though we had the longest traveling schedules ever, and also got horrific sunburns). The food was amazing, the wine was indescribable, and the gelato in a bun was an experience. It is definitely a trip I will never forget.

I got home in April, not soon after that it was Easter, and then I went back to work. I wore a kilt a lot, served plenty of beer and food, and took home some cash. Soon enough it was May, and my man graduated from college. I am so incredibly proud of everything he accomplished (he got a job–on the spot–at the first place he applied to!). He continues to grow and impress me. I threw him a total surprise party. It went off without a hitch, and he definitely deserved it!! It was great fun.

In June, I went to my little brother’s graduation. I cannot believe he is old enough to graduate High School. It is ridiculous!! But again, very proud and can’t wait to see where he goes in life!

I started a new internship with Stage of Life blog. It has been a great learning experience already, and I can’t wait to grow with the company!

All in all, I have adjusted decently well. I still miss England at times and especially all of the friends I made there. But, as they say, home is where the heart is.


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