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I know I haven’t blogged a lot, but in light of the 180 degree turn my life has taken, I figure maybe writing will help. Or just spewing random words. So for this first post back, I am sharing a poem I wrote a year or two ago, but that still pertains greatly to my life.


You lean in close, start to kiss me.
(I flash back)
Hands around my throat.
Kisses are extinct.
Blood bleeds bright breaking my back; match your scars exact.

Hands attached to you;
Unfamiliar and cruel.
Tears stream endlessly,
No life behind your eyes.

Silent screams saturate space.
Mumbled pleas go unanswered.
Angry threats hit harder;
Fall to the floor, shattered life all around.

Hands attached to you,
Same as before
Gently caress my flesh,
Excitement builds behind your eyes.

Same deepened breath,
Screaming not the same.
On the floor crying,
My heart remains unchanged.


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