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As someone who just turned 20 (cringe) I feel old and not my age at all. When I was around 12 or 13 and my big cousin turned 20, I was all “Wow she’s so old.” Now I’m 20. People I know are getting engaged (?!?!?!), having kids, moving in together. While a lot of my friends are older than me, it’s not by much. Therefore I’ve come to the conclusion that growing up is scaring the life out of me.

Nothing new? You’re right. Growing up is always daunting, but when I was little I wanted to be a grown up sooooooooooo bad. Now, I have to make decisions like what car to lease, finding a cheap apartment, and when is just right to live with a significant other. Oh, what I would do to go back in time when my hardest decision was NSYNC or Backstreet Boys (NSYNC…duh.)

As much as I like my newfound responsibilities, and lack of parental control, I’m freaking out. I like order way too much to not plan everything, but planning everything gets stressful, and then I’m stressed so I stop planning, but then I get chaotic and frustrated, so I start planning again, get stressed…nice little cycle.

Now, don’t get me wrong here. I’m probably the most die-hard hopeless romantic out there, but, really. The boyfriend and I have been together for almost 3 years, but the idea of living together, and having to clean his dirty plates, and consistently share my bed scares me. I love him, but I love myself. So, I get to be selfish at 20.

I’m going to ENGLANDIA (my nickname for England. Sounds much fancier.) in a month and a half. **FREAKS OUT** done. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I have this idea that once I return back to the USA, it will be time to be a real adult (because currently, I am just a pretend adult. I’ve got the age and status, but the mindset is somewhere around 17). I will have to get a real job (because waitressing isn’t what I’ve been going to school for), I will have to buy a real car (not that I’m driving a fake one now, but this one I will pick out , and pay for, and fix, and everything), and I will have to find a suitable, cheap, apartment (preferably with built-in roommates that don’t suck).

Piece of cake?!?!


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So, it’s a Wednesday night. I’m sitting in my living room with my roommate and my boyfriend, and we’re laughing about adventures we’ve had. Re-runs of NCIS is on, so the only distraction is when commercials for the animated Rapunzel movie is on. ¬†It comes up how my roommate, Krista, was so drunk one night. A lot happened, and when she got back she was sobbing and labeled me her rock.

So, let’s go back. It was a Thursday night. I had just worked a really long night at work, and was signing out to go home. I get a phone call from her (which is odd in itself because Krista rarely calls). She’s sobbing so hard, I can barely understand what’s going on. I knew she had gone out to the bar with her boyfriend, so something obviously happened.

Me: Krista what’s wrong?

Krista: I neeeeed you to come get me. Ok?

Me: Ok, I’ll be there in like a half hour.

Krista: I don’t care how you’re dressed, I just need you to get here now.

(At this point, I was extremely confused about why she cared how I was dressed. But, I just figured whatever, she’s drunk)

Me: Uh…ok, Krista. I’ll be there as soon as I can.

(Phone call ends.)

Now I’m leaving work, and rushing home (being extremely careful not to be pulled over. We don’t need two hysterical roommates.)

8 minutes later…

(phone vibrates)

Krista: Gabby? Where are you?

Me: I’m on my way hun I’ll be there soon.

Krista: (sobs something inaudible)

Me: Uh, ok. Is Chad (her bf) with you?

Krista: Yeah he’s fucking here.

Me: Ok then. What happened?

Krista: I don’t…Chad…car keys…peeing…waaaaaaaah

Me: …Ok. Well I’m coming as fast as I can.

Krista: Ok.

By now, my interest is fully peaked. Things are running through my mind. Did Chad pee on his car? On his keys? On HER? What happened that she so desperately needs me to pick her up??

(5 minutes away from my apartment)

(phone rings)

Krista: Where are you?

Me: I’m close.

Krista: We’re just gonna start walking. Pick us up when you reach us.

Me: Uhm, ok.

Krista: Bye!

Now I’m worried that I have a drunk, pissed off roommate. I am so anxious to get home now.

(I FINALLY reach them, pull off to the side, unlock doors. Krista opens the passenger side door, sits down, puts her head in her hands. Chad slides into the back seat, lazily sits, smiling.)

Me: Hi guys, how’s everything going?

Krista: (sobs) uhetnertrjnf (sniffles)

Chad: My night was fuckin’ awesome. It’s still awesome. How was work? How are those chips you sell?

Me: The chips? Uh, they’re ok I guess. Krista, are you ok?

Krista: noooo

Me: Do you want to talk?

Krista: nooooo.

(get back to the apartment. I have to drop them off, and then park.)

Krista: Do you have a coat?

Me: No, but I’m fine.

Krista: NO! Take my coat! (takes coat off, empties pockets)

Me: Oh, Thanks.

Krista: (whispers) CHAD! Get out of the car! Now!

Chad: Whatever. Thanks.

Me: Sure, you bet.

So, I get back to the apartment and they are in her room with the door closed. Not. My. Business. I put her coat on the kitchen counter and turn to go to my room until her door opens.

Me: Krista, you ok?

Krista: (sobbing)

(We hug. Chad comes out, looks at us, looks at the door, looks back at us. I have a few guesses as to what he was thinking. 1) If I play my cards right, this could turn out verrry well… 2) Do I sneak out while she’s distracted? ¬†Eventually, he just decided to walk back into the room and close the door.)

Me: Do you need to talk?

Krista: No, I’m going to go talk to Chad.

Me: Ok.

(go into our rooms)

(Krista walks into my room. Crying. Still.)

Krista: Gabby I need to talk. And I went to talk to Chad. But I told him you were my rock. So I need to talk to you. Because I tell you everything. You’re my rock.

(At this point, I’m pretty flattered to be considered someone’s rock. I don’t think I’ve ever been someone’s rock. A shoulder to cry on maybe, ((subnote on the subnote: We just found out our class is cancelled. Like in real time. Right. Now. YAAAAAAAAY.)) BUT I’ve never been someone’s rock. I’m very excited, but try to conceal excitement because it is incredibly rude to be smiling obscenely while she’s off blubbering away.)

Me: Krista, come here and talk.

(Krista climbs into my bed, and under my covers. I am preparing for some serious heart to heart discussion.)

Krista: I can’t be with someone like that. Someone…that gets a ticket.

Me: What happened?

Krista: I can’t believe I’m dating someone who got a ticket. I know you’d understand because you’ve been there before.

Me: KRISTA WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED SERIOUSLY?!? (Ok, maybe it was a little nicer than that, but come on!)

Krista: We were leaving the bar, and we walked to his car. He opened the car door. Oh my God it could’ve been sooo much worse. I can’t believe I’m with a guy who got into that trouble.

Me: Krista…?

Krista: He opened the car door but didn’t put the key in the ignition. And then he peed in the parking lot. He PEED!

Me: Did he get arrested?

Krista: NO! He got a TICKET! For $24!!!

Me: Oh, well that’s not so bad…

Krista: Yeah it is. I can’t be with someone like that. And he keeps yelling at me cause I’m blaming myself.

Me: Well, you shouldn’t blame yourself. It isn’t your fault, he whipped it out.

Krista: Yeah, but still. And then I tell him you’re my rock. I’m going to be so embarrassed tomorrow morning. I’m going to remember allll of this.

(I pat her hair, and feel slightly like my mother. She is still sobbing by the way, so whatever she has said is me trying to translate.)

Me: Well, it could’ve been worse.

Krista: I was soooo scared when I saw the cops lights. He didn’t even talk to me. I was just sitting on the ground. I was too drunk to stand, and the car wasn’t open! He would’ve gotten a DUI! I hid his ticket under the towels, so I can pay it.

Me: Under the towels? Why?

Krista: Cause then he won’t find it, and I can pay it.

Me: Yeah but hey it’s only 24 dollars.

Krista: Yeah and he’s acting like it’s no big deal.

Me: Yeah…(secretly thinking: Well, it’s NOT a big deal? But she’s drunk and crying, I don’t need to exaggerate that.)

Krista: I knew you would understand. You’re my rock.

Me: Do you want to sleep in here tonight?

Krista: No. I’m going to go back.

Me: Ok. Love you.

Krista: Love you too.

And she leaves.

So ends the not so dramatic drama that is our really interesting night. I love my roommate and her drunkenness.



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