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It’s funny how life can change within a few months. When I graduated college in December, I felt like I had it all together. I had just finished college a semester early, even after transferring my sophomore year and studying abroad, completed a fulfilling internship, had my family, friends, and boyfriend in tow, and a whole lot of confidence that I would find a job soon.

Now? I still have my degree, have lost any confidence that I might find a job that relates in any way to my degree, and rediscovering myself after a heart-wrenching break up.

I know I’m not alone in the post-graduation, downward spiral of soul searching, and loss of childhood innocence where we can be and do whatever we dream. Apparently, post-graduation depression is a real syndrome, and I think I’m just skimming the surface. Honestly, I wasn’t the person who was so into college life. I worked 5 nights a week (at the same restaurant I still work at), didn’t drink or party, and was in a pretty serious, long-term relationship. I loved classes though, which explains how I graduated early.

So, where do I go now? I turn 22 in a few months, and while that used to be really old, it now seems super young. Ten years ago if you asked me where I would be at 22 I would’ve said: a published author, engaged to be married, living in a beautiful house I bought, and loving life. Being an adult now I see how unrealistic these goals were for a 22 year old. Most people don’t hit the majority of those goals until they’re 30. I guess I have some time.

After months of dealing with a dizzying heartbreak, confusing job searching, and self-disappointment, I am learning to deal with the fact that I am still young. I still have time to complete all these goals. And hopefully, my next blog post will be slightly more uplifting.


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